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Elder's Prayer - Labor & Rest

Six days to labor, Father, and then Rest. As we leave the shelter of Shabbat and step out into the week may we not be leaving You behind, to live and labor, till we come full circle back on the seventh day, back to You. Included in each day may there be a portion of that intimacy and mutual focus we experience and enjoy in Your Day of Rest. May we include probing Your Word as part of the daily labor. Reveal to us the applicability of Your Word to our labors that we might perform them in the spirit and correctness that You desire. May we be assured and confident in the knowledge that You have not sent us out by ourselves. You go with us. Your Word and Your Presence keep us steady and correct and balanced in the midst of the ups and downs of everyday life. Thank You Father, for Your continual presence in labor and in rest. May You be pleased and may You be glorified. In Yeshua’s name we pray, Amen.

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