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2nd Day - We Seek You

Humbly before You Father, we offer praise and thanksgiving for this new day and the hope of the week ahead. We determine to seek and follow the lead of Your Spirit and Word, to remember to whom we belong and who we represent. May we be a reflection of our Savior Yeshua's nature in our work and travels, our encounters and interactions with one another, in our responses to testing and blessings. Father we thank You for the answered prayers, the praise reports of sicknesses being overcome, of recoveries going well, of work that is profitable, of plans that are succeeding, of worries dispelled, of bondages being broken, of renewed hope and happiness, of growing to know You more intimately. And in the midst of these things when all is not going so easily Father we pray You will strengthen us to endure, redouble our trust and faith in You and praise You through it all, that we would glorify You in all circumstances. For You are worthy Father ... Abba. And we love You so.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,



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